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Hanging poolside? Doing Sunday chores? Press play on Political Climate to hear a Trump EPA official weigh in on the…
15th July, 2018
Pruitt Is Gone. But These Five E.P.A. Policy Battles Are Still Ahead. #RFS #WOTUS #CleanPowerPlan #ScienceResearch
14th July, 2018
.@rbravender @KevinBogardus ready for their sit-down interview with #EPA chief @EPAAWheeler What should they ask?…
13th July, 2018
Biggest howler is claim that #CleanPowerPlan "would have forced sharp cutbacks in the use of fossil fuels, at great…
13th July, 2018
Lots of nonsense in this Wall Street Journal defense of Scott Pruitt's toxic legacy at EPA. Foremost are ludicrous…
13th July, 2018
The Trump administration is moving forward with its efforts to replace the #CleanPowerPlan @POWERmagazine
13th July, 2018