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Ok @netflix If you do a rerun of #MySoCalledLife I’ll be your bestest friend forever and ever 😘 #prettyplease
21st August, 2018
Against all odds, #Homeland produced one of its best seasons with its most recent one. #ClaireDanes is still on fir…
21st August, 2018
Watching My So Called Life. Used to watch this on tv in my teens. Every kid in the #90s knew who these characters w…
18th August, 2018
My coworker said I looked like #clairedanes today. I take that as a compliment. Even though my mom always hates on…
17th August, 2018
look at #HannaAlstrom out here looking like a young #ClaireDanes anyway remember #BrokeDownPalace that was a great flick.
14th August, 2018