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Awesome week for our BAM program! Superintendent, @SuptChang and members of his Executive Cabinet circle up with BA…
18th February, 2018
Take a moment and brush up on the basics of economics. Link: Change starts with a conver…
14th February, 2018
A strong reminder this morning that capitalism, while not perfect, provides the most opportunity and potential for…
13th February, 2018
Tip for food manufacturers seeking funding- Investors are now asking for social media metrics during evaluation. #circleup @natchcom
11th February, 2018
Join me and 15 other women as we reveal the secrets to speaking our truth. #circleup
9th February, 2018
@TheSummitNC Interestingly, at our #circleup meeting last night, we spent at least 10 minutes discussing how many o…
9th February, 2018