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Good morning #ChurchillDowns! The sun is up and shining! And a glimpse at perfect, untouched snow!
14th January, 2018
@ESPNCollegeBall "Is @NotreDame is strong as their football team or they fast like an @IndyCar, Horsepower meets Ho…
12th January, 2018
Picking up my #KDFMarathon training info from #ChurchillDowns. It’ll be here before you know it!
12th January, 2018
@bleck1022 @BelmontStakes @rdickey249 Tell me why? Because I’m mobile, maybe I’ll just hit that too! Why is Breeder…
10th January, 2018
Looks like somewhere in Northern Kentucky to me. Near #ChurchillDowns !!!! Beautiful area !!!
6th January, 2018