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Watching #chrisrock stand up confirms the fact that only comedians can be honest about real subjects
28th May, 2018
@comedyflo Da'Jour my show was awesome tonight, I took it down, the house was mine. Greenwich Village Comedy Club.…
27th May, 2018
On this day in 2005, The Longest Yard (with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock) came out in theaters. #OnThisDay
27th May, 2018
The Longest Yard was released on this day 13 years ago (2005). #AdamSandler #ChrisRock - #PeterSegal
27th May, 2018
Wow..... THIS 👇🏾 “If you want help... Help yourself! People like to see that” #focus #handup #nohandouts #mindset
27th May, 2018
It is so scary for black folk to drive a car these are some safety tips from @chrisrock
26th May, 2018