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I keep a #Cholula hot sauce at my desk for emergency situations.
21st May, 2018
I went a little hard in the paint this weekend & it took brunch at Gene’s to right the ship! #cholula
21st May, 2018
getting to know what it was once upon a time a place called home... #mexico #cholula #puebla #cheflife
20th May, 2018
@AlaraShade Long ago I stopped pretending I had a Cholula problem. Not I just put it on oatmeal, in coffee ... drin…
18th May, 2018
@CholulaHotSauce I need to try this green #Cholula and add a bit of #RemixYourFlavor to my recipes
17th May, 2018
Ever try Avocado Hollandaise on your eggs? It’s amazing! And with #Cholula mixed in, it’s DOUBLE AMAZING!…
16th May, 2018
@CholulaHotSauce, Patron Saint of Taco-y Goodness, I chow down this lunch hour in your name. #TacoTuesday #Cholula
15th May, 2018
Took a 2 hours bus ride from Mexico City. Then, climbed asdfghjkl steps to reach the top of Cholula's Great Pyramid…
14th May, 2018