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#ChocolateCity mayorNagin sits in Federal Prison for his greed & theft. current mayorLandrieu hasnt repaired draina…
24th August, 2017
@DarthGeekonius Start studying up, young man. #GoGo is that healing groove, that will make you move. #DMV
23rd August, 2017
Porn has to be really good to pique my interest. But movies about male strippers? Damn 😜#chocolatecity #thenameofthemovieimwatching #nojoke
23rd August, 2017
They really have Scary Spice in this movie 😂 #ChocolateCity
23rd August, 2017
Well watching #chocolatecity really cheered me up 😂😍💦💦💦💦💦
22nd August, 2017