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Ain’t nobody suppose to hold your hand your a grown man Boss up nigga show um #chinx
21st January, 2019
Ain’t nobody gone tell you how to get rich nigga, you got learn on your own. #Chinx
21st January, 2019
"When they talk that lame shit, I don’t entertain it, Fuck 'bout what they saying, you know I’m your favorite." 🔥🔥🔥…
16th January, 2019
I uploaded a new episode, "Episode 26 - The Bread & Butter Podcast", on #spreaker #aaliyah #audio_o #bslime
15th January, 2019
Man RIP to #Chinx scratch all that other stuff
15th January, 2019
“might filet mignon —- but hood nxgga, still get my chicken from Kennedy” #Chinx
13th January, 2019