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So, we all thought that the Nurse was gonna be slim lmao. Here are some few drawings I drew on an intermediate pad…
27th June, 2019
Mag one2one na siya ng iba soon. I'm excited for you Charles ! Come on SCC! #Chapter4 ✔️ #One2One #VictoryGroup #SCC
26th June, 2019
Wooh boy. First we're going to fix the bugs & take a week off, but then it's on to Chapter 4! Easily the most insan…
25th June, 2019
#TheLawIsBroken #chapter4 the scariest moment is when you realise dangerous criminals walk free because of under-st…
25th June, 2019
To chapter 4, I’m rooting for you guys! #chapter4 #darkdeception
25th June, 2019
So, umm @neiltyson and @StarTalkRadio how far are they? 180,000 (textbook) or 600,000 (audiobook) light years?…
25th June, 2019