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@Patrick_Ness when do we get a Chaos walking trailer? Pleasseeeee tell me it is soon?!! @TomHolland1996
21st September, 2018
🎬The Hawaiian segment of the #MidwayMovie shoot has now wrapped, with the next stop for the production being Montre…
20th September, 2018
Desperately waiting for 2019 films to come out! The most awaited for me: - Star Wars Episode IX - Avengers 4 - Cha…
20th September, 2018
Finally finished the Chaos Walking series! I wish I met Patrick Ness after I read this series and not before becaus…
20th September, 2018
Manchee was enough, if Angharrad also dies i quit #chaoswalking
18th September, 2018
“We are the choices we make. And have to make. We aren’t anything else” #ChaosWalking man... I forgot how much I enjoyed reading this series
16th September, 2018
here's what i've written about so far: - books: #ChaosWalking by @Patrick_Ness, Capyboppy, The Little White Horse,…
14th September, 2018