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Did you know? There are 82 known chao in Sonic adventure 2, but with different colors and combinations, there are…
19th June, 2018
get your own uto!! 😏 #chao 🤭😘💋
17th June, 2018
@FredSZN We are in for a roller coaster ride my friend Have a great summer #Chao
17th June, 2018
There is far too much sadness in this world and we don’t need the likes of #trump #sessions #pence #pruitt #devoss
16th June, 2018
@FieldRoast #Chao should make a deal with @dominos to bring @vegan options to the #USA. Maybe @Beyonce can make it happen.
15th June, 2018
@Trufflemubb so I was at work and I thought you might wanna see what we have been feeding these people... #sonic
14th June, 2018