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No I don’t like you I just thought you were cool enough to kick it I don’t love you I just thought you were cute th…
20th January, 2018
I just noticed that the marketing Frank Ocean does on his albums are interesting. #ChannelOrange was straight relea…
19th January, 2018
Pink matter by frank ocean still goes #ChannelOrange
18th January, 2018
I've been thinking about you... or do you not think so far ahead... #ChannelOrange
18th January, 2018
Just bringing back the simple vibes from 2012 with some #ChannelOrange
17th January, 2018
Frank Ocean's "Lost" has spawned many covers, from @MAJORLAZER to @JorjaSmith, but our favourite comes from a famil…
15th January, 2018
Super rich kids with nothing but fake friends #channelorange
14th January, 2018