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Spitting fire in and out of Congress; this is why I love Mr. #Chaffetz. #Savage #Wasted
21st April, 2018
Looks like the “leakers” have been found. Although we do know #Chaffetz also leaked the FBI’s letter about Clinton…
20th April, 2018
@maddow @comey Tonight, tonight, tonight! Call out #Chaffetz & #Ryan for lying about email case being re-opened! 😡
19th April, 2018
@SparkleSoup45 @seanhannity why were people allowed to sort through and water down what they thought was important…
18th April, 2018
I keep pointing this out, no one responds. It's like he's vanished from our collective memory. #Chaffetz
17th April, 2018
@AriMelber #Chaffetz LIED when he LEAKED! 😡*also responsible for not funding Embassy in #BENGHAZI How is he a free…
17th April, 2018
#Chaffetz LIED & said the FBI would reopen the case. @AriMelber #Comey was forced to go public. I
17th April, 2018
Keep in mind that #Chaffetz LEAKED it, then repeated by #Ryan, which forced #Comey to make it public. @AriMelber
17th April, 2018