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Alriiiiight, @ABFalecbaldwin as #DonaldTrump and #CecilyStrong as #MelaniaTrump !!!!!!!!! The Tree of shame! LOLOLOL! 👏🏼😊 #SNL
17th December, 2017
*MELANIA CHRISTMAS TOAST SKETCH!* Diggit.✊😎 #CecilyStrong will be, as usual. 😏👉👉🙅 #BreakALeg, All!✊❤ @nbcsnl
17th December, 2017
Watching an SNL clip show and realizing, in retrospect, a huge portion of my sense of humor is built upon…
15th December, 2017
Saturday Night Live ( SNL ) again chose New York Pedicab Services . We spread some Christmas spirit with James Fran…
12th December, 2017