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Final snowfall total from the May 2-4 weekend in #Cartwright a whopping 53.0 cm! #nlwx
22nd May, 2017
WOW more than 50 cm of snow has fallen in #Cartwright in southern Labrador since Friday photo c/o: @biglandbb
21st May, 2017
@environmentca reporting close to 50 cm of snow in #Cartwright since Friday evening, 33.8 cm fell yesterday alone.…
21st May, 2017
Looking more like winter in northern #Newfoundland and #Labrador. #Cartwright has already picked up 20 cm!
21st May, 2017
"The accumulated knowledge of facts is often like a pile of unused bricks: they do not form an edifice." #Cartwright
20th May, 2017