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@GlobeBobRyan Too bad #ESPN didn’t have the common sense to fact check and edit your lie in the 30-for-30 about…
11th December, 2017
@GaryParrishCBS I'm not celebrating, I'm hiding my head in shame wondering if #calipari can come back
7th December, 2017
@oh_hey_tori Us UMass fans know about disappointment relating to coach departures. #calipari #ford. Others needed…
3rd December, 2017
How do any of these #UniversityOfKentucky players play with #Calipari screaming the entire game? Sit the fu*k down…
2nd December, 2017
That entire team is a joke. You’d think with so many #Calipari players they’d play harder. 😂
2nd December, 2017