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The Alienist was so so good last night! It was absolute 🔥(barring the final scene).🙁🙂 I cannot believe such a story…
14th March, 2018
What books have you read that have made you forget to eat, glance up, or - sometimes - even breathe? After 20+ year…
11th March, 2018
@TheAlienistTNT I wish one of the prizes was to ask #CalebCarr a couple (or a few) questions. What are the odds of…
11th March, 2018
@TheAlienistTNT Finished re-reading #TheAlienist - and #CalebCarr's fascinating new Afterword! - and am moving onto…
10th March, 2018
Finally started watching The Alienist. The cast and story is fantastic and true to the book. 💙 #TheAlienist #TNT
10th March, 2018
Why aren't you watching 'The Alienist' on TNT? This week's episode was its best yet:
9th March, 2018