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@emmerdale I knew cain will be back, he waits his time & bang on seizes the moment!! #Cain always favourite@Emmerdale!!!!!!!!!
18th December, 2018
【 Winter Soldier 】 "hail hydra." ⇀ Marvel ⇀ (multi)ships with chem ⇀ multi verse ⇀ gender bent wint…
17th December, 2018
@TeamKhabib Congratulations on everything you do, I have always had faith in you # AKA #luke rockhold #cain Vasquez…
16th December, 2018
This outrageous comment can only come from a resented envious being #Caín
16th December, 2018
Collaboration with @lilhatsumie_twt #Cain #starfighter This character is @/Hamlet_Machine's from her comic starfig…
16th December, 2018