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Why are you chaking? #Burundians will make you seek endlessly as you decided attacking them. Halla, brave #Barundi
22nd April, 2017
Kafando or not Kafando, no foreigner will solve #Burundians matters whenever they arise,its solely & entirely…
22nd April, 2017
#UNHCR accredits #Rwanda for transforming Mahama Refugee Camp into #Burundians' conducive Homes
21st April, 2017
@BroJohn19 @oigoabuya You people you think you will ruin the brotherly relations btn #Rwandans & #Burundians but i bet u won't succeed
20th April, 2017
Truly hope Venezuelans get what they're asking for as they remind me of #Burundians 2015 manifestations against their now illegal president
19th April, 2017
No matter which support you get in killing #Burundians for almost half of centuries, #Burundians in need of truth w…
19th April, 2017