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If you have had a tough week at work, spend your afternoon remembering it’s not as tough as being this mans chair.…
15th December, 2017
Step 1 of defending Hobart Thousand crown complete. Step 2 do it again next week! Get ready Hobart, @LaniganKennels
14th December, 2017
Last night I was SPEARED by @JustDewIt10 off of the stage. He caught me off guard, At @UKWRBLX Mania I'll get the…
13th December, 2017
@Hodgaa Remember my mum saying ‘make sure you look out for your sister’ my reply was ‘I’m pretty sure she’ll be abl…
11th December, 2017
@eebbonyy I think he is tired also he messed up my bed to do this for himself lol #bruiser
10th December, 2017