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@renato_mariotti What credentials does David #Brody have to be a Political Analyst?He has a BS degree, No political…
21st January, 2019
.@SHO_Homeland be messing me up emotionally yo! How could they do that to us! #Brody💔 #Homeland #Netflix
20th January, 2019
@ThatEricAlper @amyythevegan #Brody in #Homeland. I couldn’t believe it was really true for ages 😪
19th January, 2019
T-shirt shopping at @dannkmiller for our upcoming trip to @pearlrb in @rosemary_beach . I like to blend in. #brody
18th January, 2019
Saw @Brodyxking at @bar dudes huge big fan Brody can wait to hopefully one day see u wrestle and meet ya man 🤙🤟👌#brody
18th January, 2019