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We still haven’t heard from aliens – here’s why we might never #SETI #BreakthroughListen
27th April, 2017
Jacob Haqq-Mistra (Blue Marble Space Institute), talks about @SETIInstitute as well as #BreakthroughListen and @BerkeleySETI work on #SETI.
26th April, 2017
#BreakthroughListen is largest ever scientific research program aimed at finding evidence of ETI. #AbSciCon2017
25th April, 2017
Korpela: @BerkeleySETI #BreakthroughListen data gives full-sky coverage, in contrast with @NAICobservatory.
25th April, 2017
Intelligence, the main requirement for self-annihilation of life forms in the universe? #SETI #BreakthroughListen
24th April, 2017