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This guys going to be an NBA coach in 2 years #BradStevens
17th March, 2018
@TheHoopCentral More like a 7th or 8th man on any contending team NOT coached by #BradStevens
16th March, 2018
Coach Stevens should be coach of the year I understand the arguments for all the others but bring back 4 players ha…
15th March, 2018
One of the favorite parts of my relationship w/#AlsoMike is that I'm a #Celtics fan to his #Knicks fandom. So bas…
15th March, 2018
6 rookies, 2nd best player out for the season, Kyrie+Brown+Morris+Horford all missing significant number of games a…
15th March, 2018
☘️ one of tonight's officials (Ken Mauer) has the distinction of having given #BradStevens a technical foul -- Bu…
14th March, 2018