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@elguapo64 .@kathygriffin Get your a** back to Chicago don’t you have a show to do?? Those Schwinn bicycles aren’t…
16th July, 2018
#Trump could've named #BozoTheClown (sorry Bozo) or a T-Rex and you'd still applaud him. You're unable to think for…
11th July, 2018
@DanLifshatz How can I fade you if I don’t what your play was? It’s ok, you’re upset you had Belgium #BozoTheClown
10th July, 2018
@JohnMQC Rather harsh on poor old #BozoTheClown... @BorisJohnson... Surely he doesn’t mean any harm, does he?
10th July, 2018
Is it going to be a #VoteOfNoConfidence!!! the country waits with baited breath! #MayMustGo, what is the alternativ…
9th July, 2018