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Food Safety: Did you know there are 135 #Botulism-related #recalls listed on so far this June?
20th June, 2018
Still amazed at the success story of Doug Parker's beloved rope horse, John! >>>
19th June, 2018
Has this account been checked out for signs of being a bot? #Botulism
19th June, 2018
@Caringcritters @C0rnelis "Nature reserve" #Oostvaardersplassen, Netherlands. Dead grazers in water. Contaminating…
15th June, 2018
Just found these home-pickled pickles. From 3 years ago. To eat or not to eat? #botulism
15th June, 2018
@Michael87162756 @SheenaParks20 And why the hell am I relaxing in the bath typing to someone with 15 followers with…
14th June, 2018