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The chicken salad sandwich I ate said 2-21. Not sure if that was the date it was made or the date it was ok to eat until. #botulism
23rd February, 2018
@bobmca1 @MouldsSylvia Not addressed to #KFC with a DHL label on it was it? #Botulism
22nd February, 2018
#TwitterLockOut , the cure for bot-ulism and its bot-oxic side effects! #BOTulism , #BOToxic
21st February, 2018
My hashtag of the day for bots...#botulism.
21st February, 2018
@ktumulty @nytimes So, Russian bot armies are working overtime to create the Disinformed & Divided States of Americ…
20th February, 2018
Food Safety: Did you know there are 122 #Botulism-related #recalls listed on so far this February?
20th February, 2018