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@leerobertson64 Just sitting on the dock o the bay watching the tide go oot and come in again #bobmortimer
13th August, 2018
Valentines day will be here before you know it. Get in early with our 'I Love You' t-shirt
11th August, 2018
#GoneFishing season2 awesome. @BBC #bobmortimer #paulwhitehouse please don't change the format of the show. The…
10th August, 2018
Love this sketch!! ❤😄 Had me in stitches. I sent it to a mate who was feeling down and it cheered him up no end 🙂…
10th August, 2018
Vote for Bob and Paul. If you've not seen it, youre missing out. Vote first, quickly, then dive on iPlayer and than…
8th August, 2018