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AWESOME ANALYSIS TOOL #va10 #va01 #bluevirginia 2017 Governor's Election Results by Congressional District
20th November, 2017
@cindycrum @KudzuFrannie @bannerite I’ll be back in the Commonwealth on Monday, after a Long biz trip in Indonesia.…
18th November, 2017
Hey @RobWittman !!! Your vote is duly noted by we VA-1 voters! You got some ‘splaining to do, bubba...…
17th November, 2017
@PoliticsWolf @JacksNW Ooooh, sweeeeet!!! I've been in Indonesia since before election day but can't wait to get ho…
16th November, 2017
Lots of news this morning. Read a great list from #BlueVirginia, starting with 'siding with the enemy.'
13th November, 2017