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When you hear the music of your own #Folk, separated by time & distance though ye may be, it stirs your blood memor…
20th July, 2018
If you are rooted in #BloodAndSoil, your ancestral heritage, the lands that nurtured your ethnoculture... Allegian…
19th July, 2018
This is my holy land. And nothing else. #BloodAndSoil. I am no traitor to my ethnos.
19th July, 2018
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." #LoveYourFolk #BloodAndSoil
18th July, 2018
Congratulations. #bloodandsoil the pantomime. Wish I had done that... JM
17th July, 2018
@kilmeade @foxandfriends Brian, you’re spreading fake news, look at the picture and do some research on Ukraine.…
17th July, 2018
Literally have had Leftists and Aut-Right cry babies whining on the internet -- muuuhh she won't shtop!! She won't…
11th July, 2018