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Every day is the beginning of a new year! Don’t waste time waiting!! #HoneyDo #FemaleEmpowerment
19th January, 2019
Opening a #bookstore is hard work & expensive. I'm a fan of anyone who tries. Double that for #DeeCreative & their…
16th January, 2019
"Awaiting the suffrage; Which, if hard work counts for anything, the negress richly deserves". 1910 #blackfeminist
15th January, 2019
If #BlackFeminist had invested the energy they wasted on envying the privileges of #WhiteFeminist, in themselves an…
13th January, 2019
Rad project! Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Julia Roxanne Wallace and Courtney Reid-Eaton have turned an airstream trailer i…
12th January, 2019
@ashakijackson don’t be surprised if i have a whole trip together by next week! I already got contacts with…
12th January, 2019