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@milliebbrown is definitely the reason why I miss my shaved head 😩😍 #bitchin
16th January, 2018
So YOU agree with @Potus That the place is a #shithole If you didnt! You wouldn't be #bitchin About them going hom…
15th January, 2018
@milliebbrown When I have a daughter, she will be exactly like you 👶🏻 #bitchin
15th January, 2018
I always felt this bitch inside of me. She came out last night. #TheBestOfBothWorlds #Bitchin
15th January, 2018
@Kindigitdesigns thanks for another #Bitchin season. The next season can’t come soon enough. Oh yeah, the Goat came out #TotallyBitchin 👌🏼🤙🏼
14th January, 2018