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New article from @CMajor1991 : Michael Bisping - A Champion That Deserves More Respect
20th July, 2017
@YoelRomeroMMA I don't agree with what #Bisping did, but did u really have to desecrate the British flag? You've gone down in my estimation.
18th July, 2017
@KMastoloni @YoelRomeroMMA @bisping @danawhite What the fuck lol? He looks more roided out now more than ever. That…
17th July, 2017
He definitely knows what he's talking about, look at that eye! 👀 @danhendo knocked crooked #Bisping #UFC
17th July, 2017
Hey #bisping remember @danhendo talk shit wanna be, remember there is only two shit talkers in mma @DiazBrothers209
17th July, 2017
Wow, I thought #Bisping was conceited before he became Champion, but to pick on his female co-host? #UFCGlasgow
17th July, 2017