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Will your Nerd become part of the next generations space exploration team? #BillNye #FutureScientists #Science
22nd July, 2018
When Your Watching #BillNye And You Think What If There Was A TV Show Where Mars Had Beings On It And We Communicat…
21st July, 2018
20 dollars for a diss track tell us who you want to be crucified #disstrack #20dollars #sciencerules #billnye
21st July, 2018
I’ve been reading his book Everything All at Once, so naturally I had to give @billnye the old afternoon sketch tre…
20th July, 2018
Amazng! It is amazing how ignorant people could be: likely the same people who put Trump in office! '#BillNye "…
20th July, 2018
@sarenc @BradSchrag @NikolovScience here we have healthy skepticism testing the assumptions put forward by #algore
19th July, 2018