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@RedSox Does this thing work? Hello? #TheGiftOfSox Anything #Benintendi would be greatly appreciated!
13th December, 2017
I wish, I wish, from #TheGiftOfSox, that #Benintendi would come to my house in a box. 🎁
13th December, 2017
@RedSox how about some #Benintendi love? I'd love some signed merch!! ❤️⚾️ #TheGiftofSox 🎁
13th December, 2017
@RedSox I would love something signed by @asben16. Jersey, bat, or ball would be awesome. Thanks #RedSox
13th December, 2017
You Cubs fans just need to pump the brakes a lil bit. We can't sign and or trade for everybody! Rumor mill is insan…
10th December, 2017
Andrew Benintendi's #16 on shirts, hoodies, device cases, stickers & more! #RedSox #Boston #RedSoxNation
7th December, 2017