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@CNN . I tried again, this time w Erin. But as long as you put on hacks like #BenFerguson , there is no point. Th…
26th May, 2018
#benferguson you a complete boooooob. No credibility at all. And a major moron
26th May, 2018
#benferguson on #cnn is stretching credibility way past the breaking point. He sounds a lot like a teen who’s tryi…
26th May, 2018
#BenFerguson what a douchebag... dude was basically laughing his ass off when the NFL passed the policy of players…
24th May, 2018
@Cnn #BenFerguson does not represent All Americans , his holier than thou attitude is getting old !! Just another #DoughTard mouthpiece !!
23rd May, 2018