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Huzzah! As planned, I retrieved my original @JoeMadx #BattleChasers comics today. Easily one of my favorite series…
21st January, 2019
Progress inks on my college crush ❤️🏀🏀 💥using the pentel xfine brushpen and ultradraw ink 🖌🤘 #art #artstagram
20th January, 2019
Hey @JoeMadx @AirshipSyn My gf is in love with #BattleChasers on #PS4 but for some reason, the trophies don't seem…
20th January, 2019
Found a folder full of old #battlechasers #nightwar art. Proceeding to put them on art station over the next sever…
18th January, 2019
I wasn't expecting much from the Battle Chasers RPG when I picked it up in the Xbox sale, but so far I love it! So…
18th January, 2019
back at it with the battle chasers nightwar; loving it so far. #battlechasers
17th January, 2019