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Katharine Lee Bates is best known for her poem, America the Beautiful. She’s also my distant cousin. While moving t…
14th November, 2018
And still no news of the diamond merchants who deals with drug dealers on #Bates in #TMR involved in #Amcor real-estate & #Moshiac finagles.
14th November, 2018
In honor of Dahlov Ipcar's birthday I am posting one of my favorite photos, her visit to Bates College on 10/23/08…
13th November, 2018
Join 14 people right now at "Hemp Nayer: Kathy Bates: Never Share A Joint With A Stranger, Especially Bill Maher"…
12th November, 2018
@nyjets you mean #Bowles is still the coach after this despicable performance? Realize team has zero talent but the…
12th November, 2018
The way Norman is in the strip club looking strict😂😂 #Bates
11th November, 2018