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Hey @DonaldJTrumpJr, just saw your weak attempt to sound like #BarneyFife#Fail 🙄🙄 Doh! Sad.
19th June, 2019
@BreitbartNews 200 rounds could kill 200 people! Why not go all Barney Fife and limit everyone to 1 round? BTW, Ba…
18th June, 2019
#LivePD good thing they took that dangerous elderly woman off the streets of Missouri. Flat tire no I insurance. #barneyfife
13th June, 2019
@ericswalwell Sending you a dollar would be equivalent to asking #BarneyFife to fight for me... Sheriff Andy wouldn…
12th June, 2019
On a business trip and almost got arrested at the hotel. Good thing he only has one bullet in his pocket. 👮 —…
12th June, 2019