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Oh, I will nap. Yes I will....just give me a few hours before I do....#soverytired #baddreams
21st September, 2018
Hate mornings after a night of #baddreams. It’s like my body thinks it’s real even if my mind knows it’s not. I fee…
19th September, 2018
Do you ever have dreams and you wake up so infuriated and have to tell yourself it's just a dream #baddreams #mondaymotivation
17th September, 2018
Horrors of Nod (S3E10) - Her Bloated Leg via @YouTube YouTube series about #BadDreams / #Nightmares
14th September, 2018
Horrors of Nod (S3E9) - The Car's Shadow via @YouTube YouTube series about #BadDreams / #Nightmares
13th September, 2018
The only thing i hate worse than having a nightmare is waking up from it and not getting rid of the feeling of stil…
13th September, 2018