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Why nobody is talking about how disgusting are Aziz Ansari's jokes about rape and pedophilia? Seriously? #AzizAnsari #BuriedAlive #Netflix
15th August, 2018
Episode 209 "Amarsi Un Po" is hands down the best tv show episode in history. #MasterofNone #azizansari #amarsiunpo
15th August, 2018
Sexual assault often boils down to, or is made possible by, the existence of a power imbalance. Predators use their…
14th August, 2018
#AzizAnsari small club testing new material show!! #NoPhonesAllowed 📵 (@Punch Line Philly in Philadelphia, PA, US,…
13th August, 2018
Pawnee positivity: Why we all need a #ParksandRec Recreation reunion (and it isn't just because we want to see…
10th August, 2018
These books top our list as essential. What books are missing from this list?
9th August, 2018
Watching old episodes of #ParksandRec with #LouisCK and #AzizAnsari being gross as a form of comedy has taken on whole new, sad levels
7th August, 2018