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So I just saw the newest episode of RWBY Chibi and learned that @IceCreamMidget has a soft spot for cute dogs. #Awwwww
15th July, 2018
#Awwwww😍😍😍ShoOooo Sweet #Twitter Ma Mera FavrT Peroson😍😍😍 #AyeeeBlush🙈🙈 ThankOooo So Much😍😍 @Michtaw_Stark 😊😊
14th July, 2018
I absolutely 💙 tonight's #YoungSheldon episode! George and Missy having a posh dinner together was so lush- as a da…
13th July, 2018
My dad is so sweet. He walks with a cane and sometimes it's a struggle to do that, yet he still insists on holding…
11th July, 2018
and no matter how alex turner's look changes, you can't deny that their music and live are truly top-notch. feel li…
9th July, 2018