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I love Chris Evans with his hair down ☺️ almost like a puppy #awwwww
25th September, 2017
#TakeAKnee #Kaepernick Mom comes out to try to save him. #awwwww. Know what? Time to cut the strings from hair mice. #tcot
24th September, 2017
#Shssssh! No one told "LeBron James" fans help him earn his salary. #Awwwww good bye Jamesee. Muslim countries want you. Not America. #MAGA
23rd September, 2017
@joanjett I've never hated myself for loving you !!! #awwwww #CatCall happy birthday Joan
22nd September, 2017
Lying here in my recliner not feeling well...little kitty cat came up;started licking my forehead as if trying to cool me down. #AWWWWW
22nd September, 2017
Point to the person you love the most #Awwwww 😂 More like point to…
21st September, 2017
Someone named “ Michael” got asked to “HoCo” via signs at Broadway today as he crossed the finish line. #Awwwww
21st September, 2017