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@kelliwardaz @AZGOP @StephenLeeUSA Can't wait for #McSally & #Arpaio to drop out & endorse Kelli Ward for Senate.
18th July, 2018
“It’s kind of a tough situation,” @RealSheriffJoe said. “I have compassion for those kids — they are separating tho…
16th July, 2018
#sashabaroncohen is a genius!!! time for the smackdown!!! LOLOL I can't wait to see what @Sarahpalinusa
16th July, 2018
@TheJusticeDept and #Sessions roles ended after #Arpaio was found guilty and #Trump pardoned him. Arpaio's appeal l…
15th July, 2018
For > 100 years, ACCEPTING a presidential pardon has been SYNONYMOUS with ADMITTING guilt for a crime. Only guilty…
15th July, 2018
Joe #Arpaio says he was punked by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in 'fake' interview Wonderful "fake news" :)
14th July, 2018
The Latest: Ex- #Arizona sheriff #Arpaio duped by Baron #Cohen - Jul 13 @4:54 PM ET
13th July, 2018