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Wildlife advocates say milder winters in North Carolina could mean more armadillos:
21st August, 2018
Low stock alert 🚨 on this cutie, only 6 left 😳 and he won’t be remade anytime soon - shop link in profile #pin
18th August, 2018
You've seen them but didn't realize it. They're usually legs up on the side of a country road! #armadillos
17th August, 2018
Even armadillos take selfies. Thanks to my @ArloSmartHome camera and my @moultrie game camera for capturing the mom…
16th August, 2018
Armadillo Removal Running, running, running away from the armadillo removal guys.  My leathery-loo #armadillos
15th August, 2018
Finally kicked started our season last night with a 1-0 win in the Extra Preliminary round of the @EmiratesFACup. L…
15th August, 2018