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#Oscars for terrorists. Nobel Piss Prize will be next Recepiants include #obama #arafat #mandela
27th February, 2017
Remember ! Behind his desk in Tunis, Gaza or Ramallah, #Arafat kept an hydrological map of #Palestine ! Water is in…
27th February, 2017
I thought #Arafat won that @rbassilian for sleeping with the most boys in a day!
25th February, 2017
I'm so old I remember when @HillaryClinton KISSED the wife of #Arafat, the vile terrorist who killed Jews. #JCC
21st February, 2017
@presidetTrump There was no such thing called Palestine until dat thief #Arafat stole it from Israel just like Pakistan stole it from India
20th February, 2017