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@RandallTrang I worked in a post facility for Brokeback Mountain. We all knew watching the raw dailies this movie…
23rd January, 2018
十年一觉电影梦。 Reading Ang Lee's autobiography recently. His trilogy really makes me reflect abt Chinese food, culture an…
22nd January, 2018
I got bored and gave this movie a re-watch last night. Who else remembers hulk directed by Ang Lee? #Hulk
22nd January, 2018
My father was the center of the family and everyone tried to please him. #Family #AngLee
20th January, 2018
So love #AngLee, his #CrouchingTigerHiddenDragon is my all time favorite movie, hope this will be good too.
17th January, 2018
#MaryElizabethWinstead Joins #AngLee’s ‘#GeminiMan’: By Sheryl Oh Winstead (and Clive Owen) join Will Smith in an i…
17th January, 2018
@WipeHomophobia Straight, so dunno if I get a vote, but I've always loved #AngLee's #TheWeddingBanquet.
16th January, 2018