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The Americano: 2 shots of espresso 1/2 cup of water So yes it's stronger. #coffee #americanism
27th April, 2017
@AnnCoulter @gatewaypundit Everyone sees @UCBerkeley for what it is. A University that thrives on anti #Americanism & anti #Constitutional.
26th April, 2017
Bring back quotas and rescind 65 immigration and naturalization act . Sovereignty, National Security & self determi…
26th April, 2017
@HouseCracka GDP=18T, debt=20T, that's MORE than broke! 😡 We need to get #USA🇺🇸bk to work, reduce waste/fraud/abuse…
26th April, 2017
Trump's policies promote Sovereignty Self determination and National Security. What's the problem? #Americanism
25th April, 2017