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I dont care if it flopped, #AmericanUltra is still one of my favorites. Shows two lesser cared for actors in an awesome way. Loved it.
25th April, 2017
Feel like I remember people shitting on #AmericanUltra when it came out, but it just ended and I really liked it. Plus, Walton Goggins!
24th April, 2017
Watch American Ultra (2015) Videos Trailers, Clips & Reviews: #AmericanUltra
24th April, 2017
Sometimes when I'm looking at my screensaver, I get really mad that #AmericanUltra was so grossly undersold... it s…
23rd April, 2017
Watched Jesse Eisenberg's and Kristin Stewart's movie #AmericanUltra it was good. Watched some scenes several times.
23rd April, 2017
American Ultra is an R-rated awesomeness fun. Shame I only saw it now. 8/10 #AmericanUltra #Rrated
21st April, 2017