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I have no idea what the exact plot of #BillAndTed3 will be, but I have a thought: In the first they traveled time,…
24th May, 2018
Question of the Day-In honor of the new Bill & Ted film being made- What 90’s movie do you wish would make a comeba…
23rd May, 2018
@alxwinter @ed_solomon London loves Bill & Ted (like the rest of the world) . Also in Summer July 12-special scree…
21st May, 2018
missterkelsen: The Dynamic Duo - Bill and Ted. Finished at last. For my baby bro'. #keanureeves #BillandTed
21st May, 2018
Excellent News: ‘Bill & Ted 3’ Is Reportedly In the Works #KeanaReeves #AlexWinter
19th May, 2018