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@RealRonHoward please say we get another two more @HanSoloStory films from you, the cast and team. I want to see wh…
12th December, 2018
#AldenEhrenreich is MY #HanSolo. Seriously. I didn't care about the character at all before #Solo :) #StarWars
11th December, 2018
My #StarWars Icons: #HanSolo book arrived a day ahead of schedule! YES! 🤗 It’s absolutely gorgeous, and quite hefty…
10th December, 2018
With #AldenEhrenreich playing the titular character, I finally came to be interested in Han Solo himself. Han, to m…
9th December, 2018
If you’re a fan of the Galaxy’s Favorite Scoundrel, this book’s for you. 😊Available now, exclusively from Sideshow.…
7th December, 2018
When Han met Han. My heart still melts. And my heart is frozen solid, so that’s saying something. 💙 #StarWars
6th December, 2018