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Wildlife is sacred, but we offer the opportunity to enter their environment without harming their territory, inside…
21st January, 2019
Remote Alaskan wilderness, wild coastal brown bears and bush planes, it doesn’t get any better!!! #LetsGetWild
20th January, 2019
Entire 10 min diatribe by #POTUS not one mention of #TrumpShutdown or #GovernmentWorkers out of work. This is NOT a…
19th January, 2019
Why are wild #Salmon disappearing STILL? Can we learn from the reported #Alaskan Success stories? Can we bring ba…
19th January, 2019
Who's the spoiled brat now bitches?!?!. Oh my gosh. I'm about to go ape shit! Thank you! @SFSSR09 #Alaskan
19th January, 2019