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The winner and still champion, #AlRoker ladies and gentlemen! 😂
11th December, 2018
@jantastik @alroker When will people learn that they don’t want it with Mr. Roker? 😂😂😂 #AlRoker #mypettyrolemodel #youdontwantnone
10th December, 2018
@alroker I love #alroker Ur my STAR WEATHERMAN 💕❤️💕🇺🇸 Wishing YOU MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HANUKKAH and HAPPY KWAN…
10th December, 2018
Lot of area events called off based on weather forecasts for ice and snow that never materialized - guess we have t…
9th December, 2018
Thanks, Al!! I hope you @alroker have a great day and a wonderful holiday season, too!! #AlRoker #Christmas #fitness
8th December, 2018
Al mentioned our little town in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains! ☺️Stay safe everyone! 🌧❄️☃️🌬 #Boone
7th December, 2018
‘Today’ Third Hour Leaving NBC Studio That Housed Megyn Kelly’s Broadcast #News #AlRoker
4th December, 2018